Who We Are:

Identical twins! And Brothers to boot!

Siamese twins Ken and André Grinn have been filming shorts and experimenting with visual storytelling since their third trimester together. Their partnership was born of a chance meeting while in utero during which they discovered they shared a mutual passion for filmmaking and well-told tales. While they cooked in partnership for nine months, they developed a shared vision and decided to embark on a career in commercial filmmaking once outside of the womb.

Since that time Ken and André have worked closely on productions of various sizes in locations all over the globe. They have cultivated a unique voice with a focus on strong visuals, well-developed stories and their own brand of humor. Their work has been short-listed in international contests, used in-store for international brands and featured in national television spots.

What We Do:

We are a highly skilled writing and directing team, represented by Streelight Films. Our goal is to push boundaries in creating uniquely funny and memorable content for individuals and brands. We have extensive experience with commercials, web videos, digital content, shorts and music videos.